About Me & Blog

Untitled-2Hi, I’m Annica. I live healthy lifestyle, practice Yoga and eat healthy diet and try to do this all living naturally and being naturally beautiful without using toxic makeups or eating industrially manufactured food.

However, that wasn’t the situation few years ago when I was very stressful because of my work, I was sitting on the office and not doing any sports because of I had no time for myself! I was overweight, almost obese. I eaten very unhealthy and finally got almost fatally sick. It took long time to recover and I decided that I’ll change my lifestyle completely if I’ll recover. Actually there was not choices left. It wasn’t easy.  But it happened!

I decided to start this blog to help others to do the same! I’m trying to share all kind of interesting and hopefully useful information about healthy lifestyle and staying motivated. You must take time for yourself. You must take care of yourself. There’s nothing so important than your loved ones and caring yourself. If you destroy your body and mind living unhealthy lifestyle, you are causing discomfort not only for yourself but all people you love and who love you! So, let’s stay healthy!

I like sports and fitness, which is wide topic. I’m sharing with you all kind of fitness related posts. What I do myself is regular gym routine and jogging (can’t say it’s running :). I’m always exploring new fitness trends and trying new things (new for me). Those new things are usually old things for others such as Tabata which I just found recently! Anyway, I’ll write about these because I want to spread this information and you never know from where you’ll get the idea to try & start. Maybe from this blog 😉

Yoga is good for your body & soul and mind! It took me long time to start Yoga, but now I do it now daily. It’s really helpful to reduce stress and improve health.

Healthy eating is extremely important for all of us. Unfortunately not all notice that before it’s too late. I’m happy that you’re reading this now and I hope that you already eat healthy diet. If that’s not the situation, you can start doing so! What you put in your mouth have the big impact on your health. So, read my artciles about all kind of diets and healthy eating. I hope you’ll find those interesting! And stay away from industrially manufactured food and hamburgers etc. 🙂

Weight loss and diets are quite same thing, but I decided to create a own category just for weight loss because of it’s so important thing. Losing weight is not only about healthy diet but also about lifestyle, exercising, mindset etc. I’m trying to share there my articles which combines all of these important elements for successful weigh loss!

Being naturally beautiful & natural living is also a wide topic as it should be! You’ll be happier and healthier with natural choices and those’re easy to make when you have the right information and you know what you want! There’s all kind old wisdom which is almost forgotten, but is just waiting for to be discovered and used again. Herbs, natural hair and skin care etc.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my blog and find some useful tips!