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An expert guide on how to create a fitness routine and make it stick

how to create a fitness routine and make it stickMany people often do not know how to create a fitness routine that works and make it stick when looking for ways to enhance their health. However, when the routine is well planned, you can always be sure that you would improve your health amazing whenever you are using the plan.

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Helpful running tips for starter

running tips for starterThousands of people run & jog for sport, as a hobby, and to get fit. Unlike many other fitness routines and plans, which require a large start up investment, running and jogging are very inexpensive. Getting fit and toned can be as simple as running around your block.

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Home exercise routines without equipment

Home exercise routines without equipmentMost people want to get in shape but there is no time to join the gym. Home exercise routines can bring numerous health benefits such as stress relief, faster metabolism and stronger bones. Home workouts for both men and women share some benefits and have specific advantages that help each of the sexes.

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Why Tabata training works

Tabata workout move exampleWhy Tabata training works? Can those 20 second intense repeats really be so effective and what is the reason for Tabata workout being so popular?

It isn’t enjoyable and it isn’t long lasting, but life is not always fun and games. In case of Tabata it is pain and tears,

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Tabata Workout Infographics

Simply because Tabata workouts are choice of Olympic gold medalists does not mean they’re unsuitable for beginners. The truth is, Tabata exercises are an excellent method to get a beginner with no gear, no cash and almost no time to actually get healthy. The key thing you want is a stopwatch and an wish to push yourself! 

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Why you should watch fitness videos at home?

ID-100158682Why you should watch fitness videos while training at home?

Doing exercises at home is more fun with music and fitness trainer on the screen. It’s almost like having a personal trainer at home! Well done fitness videos are also very motivational and shows you the right moves and techniques.

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