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Best Yoga Asanas For Losing Weight Quickly

Yoga Asanas For Losing WeightYoga is a great healthy method to lose those unwanted pounds. One doesn’t have to take pills, apply creams or undertake strenuous cardio based routines to lose weight. We take a look at the best Yoga Asanas for losing weight quickly.

Warrior Pose

The first step is to stand upright with your feet placed apart.

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7 Simple Ways to Get Started with Yoga

Get Started with YogaAre you interested in yoga? Perhaps, you have heard about its wonderful benefits from your family and friends so you want to try it for yourself. But before you proceed in getting started with yoga, you need to know first what it is really all about.

The word “yoga” came from the the Sanskrit word which means “unite.” It is defined as a series of exercises intended to unite body and mind to attain a state of peace and happiness.

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4 Important Yoga Tips For Beginners

yoga tips for beginnersPlanning to begin yoga soon? This ancient form of science focuses on breathing, strength and flexibility with the ultimate aim being to boost physical & mental well-being. It’s therefore unsurprising that it has gained popularity over the years. But, just like any other discipline, beginner students of yoga may face a few challenges here and there.

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15 Beginner Yoga Poses video

beginner yoga poses videoI’ve made the the following beginner yoga pose video showing the most suitable yoga poses for beginner. So, now you can just watch this video and try yourself!

Looking for reasons to try yoga? There’s almost too many things why you should do it from increased strength to flexibility to heart health.

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Health Benefits Of Yoga

There are numerous health benefits of yoga for mind, body and soul. This infographics shows some of those with interesting fact figures. Yoga is getting more and more popular and it’s not a suprise after studying how yoga balances our full body and mind.

health benefits of yoga infographics

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